Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sleeping Beauties

I love being a mom, I really do. But, the older my kids get the sassier they become. They're demands are relentless and their expectations out of control.  They argue, talk back, cry for no reason and are already slamming doors! I understand they are still trying to understand their feelings and emotions. Darya is spoiled so she is used to getting what she wants. Lily has always been good at everything so now that she is reaching an age where things are becoming challenging and she actually has to practice to get it right, she feels frustrated. Needless to say, this mommy has her hands full. Which is why I love bedtime! Kids are so darn cute when they are fast asleep, aren't they? Their adorable lips, pouting innocently. Their chubby cheeks pushed up against the pillow. Their closed lids displaying long lashes just above a button nose. Don't get me started on the way in which they sleep! The way they position their tiny little bodies right before you tuck them in and the way they are spread out in every which way a few hours later when you check in on them. The best part? No whining, no nagging, no pouting, no scowling, no yelling, no crying, no fighting, no tantrums, no demands. They are fast asleep, breathing softly, dreaming a princess dream in la-la-land. I relish bedtime. I get to enjoy the silence as my heart melts over their cuteness and I silently gush over my sleeping beauties. Most importantly, my batteries have time to re-charge in preparation for tomorrow morning when the little nightmares awake!

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