Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sleeping Beauties

I love being a mom, I really do. But, the older my kids get the sassier they become. They're demands are relentless and their expectations out of control.  They argue, talk back, cry for no reason and are already slamming doors! I understand they are still trying to understand their feelings and emotions. Darya is spoiled so she is used to getting what she wants. Lily has always been good at everything so now that she is reaching an age where things are becoming challenging and she actually has to practice to get it right, she feels frustrated. Needless to say, this mommy has her hands full. Which is why I love bedtime! Kids are so darn cute when they are fast asleep, aren't they? Their adorable lips, pouting innocently. Their chubby cheeks pushed up against the pillow. Their closed lids displaying long lashes just above a button nose. Don't get me started on the way in which they sleep! The way they position their tiny little bodies right before you tuck them in and the way they are spread out in every which way a few hours later when you check in on them. The best part? No whining, no nagging, no pouting, no scowling, no yelling, no crying, no fighting, no tantrums, no demands. They are fast asleep, breathing softly, dreaming a princess dream in la-la-land. I relish bedtime. I get to enjoy the silence as my heart melts over their cuteness and I silently gush over my sleeping beauties. Most importantly, my batteries have time to re-charge in preparation for tomorrow morning when the little nightmares awake!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

April Antics

Things have been a little crazy on my end here. In between the 'routine crazy' that comes with being a mother of two, I've also been adding--and adding--extra work and thoughts and stress into my busy routine. I picked up "The Artist's Way" from my bookshelf, dusted off and began reading it again. One of the key components in Julia Cameron's book are the "morning pages." She states the importance of waking up fresh, like a clean slate, and writing 3 pages of whatever comes to your head. Even if you have nothing to write, she encourages you to write I have nothing to write over and over until you have filled 3 pages.  For the last month the "morning pages" and my delicious morning cup of coffee have become quite a pair. There's one thing that's been occupying my writing process.

Second, I've been studying for the CBEST. I've really been considering becoming a substitute teacher. I'm not sure being an actual teacher to one class for a full year is something I can do. However, since people tell me all the time that I would make a good teacher because I'm so patient, subbing would be a great way to test the waters. All I pretty much need to do to become a sub (since I already have my bachelors degree) is pass this one test. Thus, whatever free time I can muster up (which is not much) has been going to studying rather than blogging.

There is a third-which is probably the most important factor- that I'll blog about in detail later. It's an idea I have had for quite a few years about starting a web-site. I recently put my thoughts on paper and reached out to a well known lawyer in my community for professional advice in respect to her field of expertise. Upon handing my idea to her close to a month ago, internally I just exploded. I became so emotionally consumed by this business concept that is so close to my heart that when I handed it to someone else for feedback, the anticipation literally gave me an anxiety attack--which I seriously thought was a heart attack! The funny thing is, this lawyer that I looked up to as such a pillar in our community with a heart of gold, never even reached out to me. Two weeks after handing my informal business idea to her secretary I directly emailed her--nothing. Anyway, that's the other factor as to why I have been MIA in the blogging world. A wide array of emotions, rapid high's and low's all at once only leads to one thing= a panic attack.

With all that said, here's a few pics from April...
Lily's first official piano lesson.
Easter Fun
My brother's very kid friendly work party! Face painting, pony rides and petting zoo!