Thursday, April 9, 2015

BLOGGING. My Brand. My Lifestyle. My Travels. My Opinions.

Blogging is easy. Figuring out "my brand" to stick with a blogging theme is, as my daughter would say, "super hard!"
This looks a lot like my head shot from 10 years ago!
Photo credit goes to the best photographer I know: Lily! 

Who the heck am I, anyway?

First and foremost, I'm a mother and a wife. But what does that even mean?

I'm a walking contradiction:
I love the sun, though too much exposure leaves me with migraines.
I create chaos then demand a need for peace and quiet.
I swear that having another kid will push me toward depression yet on a daily basis I'm thinking up names for baby #3 and debating a #4 and strategically planning what months are best for conception.
I swore to myself I'd marry for money because I didn't believe in love but when I married it was solely for love (would've been lovely if it was both!).

My Fashionista.
She doesn't get her stylish diva-ness from me!
I love sunglasses and expensive handbags. But I'm no fashionista! On a normal day you will find me in my gym clothes-ALL DAY!

I love celebrity gossip. Have no interest in politics.

I think I'm pretty boring. So what the heck do I want to blog? What is there to blog about? What will make you want to read my posts?

Maybe I'm just like you in some ways. Maybe you've thought about the same things I write about. Maybe you can relate to my happiness and my conflicts, my stories and my experiences.

Once upon a time when I was an on air entertainment journalist, my mission was to find my brand. I couldn't do it. There was nothing special about me- I didn't have that oomph, that staying power.  My youthful face was perfect for young, fun, celebrity driven journalism. My demeanor however was screaming serious, smart, investigative reporting. I couldn't figure it out. I couldn't hone a skill I couldn't pinpoint. I was clueless. I suppose I still am. Except now it's so much easier to not worry about 'doing me' because I'm hiding behind my kids. They're my priority. They get what they want. Their happiness makes me happy. Except for certain days--that have been lately dragging to weeks, when those whispers have elevated to shouts: WHAT ABOUT YOU?! WHY CAN'T YOU MAKE TIME FOR YOU? SPEND MONEY ON YOU? TREAT YOURSELF? LOVE YOURSELF?

I guess that's what it comes back to every single time: LOVING MYSELF. I've never been good at it. Maybe that's why I'm putting in double time with my girls. To make sure they have that head start in life. Because when you love yourself, you are the best! You don't second guess everything-which means other people won't either! You're not always doubting your worth. For all these reasons you will always be at an advantage.  Even when you fail you are succeeding. Your confidence is uplifting, addicting, inspiring, magnetic!

This blog could possibly be my therapy. Most of the time I log on with a topic in mind and find my fingers typing away about something entirely unexpected and unplanned. Other days I begin with a topic that has been circling in my head for a while and am surprised to find myself unraveling it's layers with each word I type. I'm bringing my issues to light, I'm offering options to the how's and why's. Writing is therapeutic for me. Writing allows me to release a heavy load I carry.

I love being a mom.
It's the most satisfying, fulfilling accomplishment of my life.
I'm a mom. I'm happy, positive, down to earth, patient, and an ambitious busy bee. I'm a writer.  I will always be the one asking smart, inquisitive questions in the superficial, land of celebrities. That's just me.    


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