Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I totally did it!

I snuck in by myself to finally watch Fifty Shades of Grey! Well, not snuck in per se--I did pay for my ticket-but snuck in as in, ignoring my mommy duties for half the day and stealing some much needed alone time for myself. Of course, I wasn't completely naughty! I did call my husband and run it by him first. What? I felt guilty!

Anywhoooo...I loved the movie. I'm so glad I loved the movie. I really, really did love the movie. This is where I do a twirl, raise the roof and shout, "Oh yea! Oh yea!"---Ahem--If I did those type of silly things, that is.

I'm actually super relieved I watched it on my own! Not to mention the theater was practically empty save for one odd couple a good five rows behind me. Yet, there were still a couple of moments where I personally felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. Jeez, I'm such a prude. No but seriously, it's different reading it and PG-13 imagining it in your head and then full on watching it for reals (for reals, for reals) in the Rated R version it's meant to be.

By the way, high five to Dakota Johnson! She made a great Anastasia Steele.

I seriously feel so much better having finally seen this movie. I can continue on with my boring, yet super busy life now. So, if you'll excuse I have to pick my kids up from preschool now.

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