Sunday, February 1, 2015


January 1
Kicked off the New Year with a BBQ
and CRAZY night with friends
The arcade ride at California Adventure
is SUPER fun! 2 thumbs up by all of us!
January 5
Experienced FROZEN at
Disneyland's California
Adventures Park
I rocked my Ariel sweatshirt proudly
January 7
Our Disneyland annual pass
came to a bittersweet end...
In between all the hard work, there was a lot of fun and play! 

Weekly gymnastics
January 17
The Laker's celebrated the end
of the basketball season
January 13
I began my blog-venture!
January 15
Darya's first day at ballet
January 18
Roller Skate Birthday Party!

January 18
Lily was intent on learning how to roller skate
Darya just wanted to shake it on the dance floor

January 25
Frisbee, softball, bike riding, playground!

Perfect day for a picnic at the park 
Ready for February!

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