Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Daddy & Daughter Date

Last weekend my husband and my daughter had their first Daddy & Daughter date.

Naturally, I was on cloud nine over the whole thing.

I was having a I need to be alone to clean (cleaning is a form of meditation for me) and gather my thoughts and I can't be bother to get dressed and go anywhere kind of day.  My husband took the girls to my mom's for lunch and to also hang out with my brother who was also visiting for the day. A few hours later, on their way back home, my husband called to see if he could pick me up and we could all go to our favorite sushi restaurant for dinner.  Of course I declined the offer as I was still in my pj's and still knee deep in cleaning.

About ten minutes later my husband walks in through the door happy as can be and giddy with excitement, yet there was no sign of our loud, squealing kids trekking behind him.

"Where are the girls?" I ask. Wide eyed and confused.
"Darya fell asleep on the drive here and Lily is still in the car waiting for me."
"Okay." I say. Still wondering why he is so happy.
"Lily wants to have a Daddy date with me. When you said you didn't want to come and Darya fell asleep she asked if just me and her can go to Kabuki and have a Lily and Daddy day. Just the two of the us!"
"That is so cute, honey." I smiled.
"Do you mind? Is it okay if we go?" He asked.
"Of course not! Go! That is the cutest thing. I love that." I responded.

And so, I kissed one happy Daddy and one happy Daughter before taking a sleeping Darya out of the car, so they can head out to enjoy a couple hours of alone time together.

You know what I love most about this story? The fact that my husband was more excited over Lily's request to hang out with him alone than probably Lily was when he said yes. He was beyond ecstatic. The fact that he felt bad leaving me and worried that Darya would be sad when she woke up was also very sweet.
When they got back, my husband told me that Lily commented a couple times about how nice and quiet it was without Darya and had asked if they can do this again.

I've read that it's important for parents to try and spend quality alone time with each of their kids individually as often as they can. I guess Lily is getting old enough to want that and that she is recognizing her identity as something separate than always being with her sister. It's hard as a parent of two so close in age to remember that. I'm glad she is confident and comfortable enough to express her needs to us-- and smart enough to already be aware of them!

In the end, Lily and Daddy had a great night together and got takeout for Darya and I.
All hearts were happy and every stomach full.
The End.

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