Monday, February 2, 2015

Blogging with Purpose

I love to write. I always have. I've kept journals since childhood. Playing with words to release emotions stirred from teenage angst.

While pregnant with my girls I kept journals as well. Writing letters to Lily while she was still growing inside me, expressing my desire to be the best mommy I could possibly be. Journaling her strong kicks, my food cravings, and the erratic hormonal behavior I can now look back on and laugh about! I have letters that prove I thought Darya was my angel baby: she was born with barely a whimper before falling asleep in my arms, she slept most of the days and nights, only waking to be fed and, unlike Lily, my breast milk was more than enough for her! I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't journaled it. Watching this 3 year old chatterbox storming around the house with her loud voice and bossy demands, my husband teases, "She's your sweet angel baby, right honey?"

Things change. Moments pass. New memories are made. I want to remember all of it. I want to be able to look back. And, when my kids are older, I want to have them be able to reflect as well: through pictures and videos, but most of all, through words. It's the words that can express the emotions and feelings, set the backdrop that a picture or video can't. Though all 3 together are best. But, if I were to choose to read the book or watch the movie, I would always pick the book. Always! The book sets the characters feelings and emotions through the thoughts they are having in their head. The narrator tells you their social status, what their home is like, their neighbors, the neighborhood! Word by word, every scene is set, every emotion felt, every image picture perfectly created in your head. The book illustrates every tiny, important detail that always goes unnoticed in movies. Which is why when you read a book, you get inside the characters, feel their feelings, live their life, you fall in love with one while despising the other--so strongly that you swear they were real.
Words are powerful stuff. 
It was about mid-March of last year that I began to really work on my novel. For a few months I got into a routine and I was on a roll! Then my routine was interrupted by life and I went a few months where I wasn't writing. Then I figured out a way to get back into it again and was writing away. Then my routine came to a halt yet again. Do you see the pattern here? I need to make writing an essential part of my everyday life. That's where my blog comes in. Blogging allows me write, to release, to meet and connect with other writers and ultimately it will serve as motivation to write my novel.

I'm blogging with a purpose. I blog for my kids. I blog to feed my passion and maintain self happiness. I blog to reach out to readers who can relate to my posts. And, hopefully one day soon, those same readers will enjoy my book!

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