Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Go Lakers!
The other day, while walking back to our car after Lily's basketball game, I was so proud of her improvement in the game and excited over how good she had gotten almost over night that I thought out loud, "Where have you been all my life!?" Lily laughed, her adorable dimples set against a beautiful and beaming face. Seriously, who was I before I had kids? Who was I before these two precious beings came and pulled the rug from under my feet.

No matter how much I clean, in one
afternoon, it ends up like this!
Our house is always a mess, it's always noisy, they want, want, want, they argue, nag and fight....but when they aren't around, and everything is silent, my heart aches and I miss them, I want them...I can't live without them! These little creatures have come along and I have never felt more fulfilled and joyous. I've also never felt more tired, overworked and busy! Maybe I do more than most parents,  I don't know.  I just want to give them the world, because they are my world.

As parents, my husband and I try to set rules and guidelines. Would we say our kids are spoiled? Yea, we would. But there's nothing wrong with that as long as they are appreciative and loving. They are good kids. I'm proud of that. I'm also proud to say that they are well taken care of and truly loved by both parents. I love my husband that much more because he loves and adores our kids. He paints there nails and braids there hair. He brings them into the kitchen and gets them involved with cooking and baking. He has started acquainting them with the piano keys and lets them play while he supervises. The girls adore their daddy. As a wife and mom, nothing makes me happier.

Baking cookies with Daddy
My kids are loud. They are rambunctious. If you are not used to their craziness, you will be taken aback and it could end in one of two ways: you either need headache medication or they whisk into there world and you leave feeling elated and excited and with more energy then what you initially had.
Role-playing with family pictures and stuffed animals

Kids are a beautiful thing. There little smiles. There soft skin. There quick hugs and long cuddles. The silly things they say, their imagination at play. And their innocence. Their innocence is so special, so delicate. You show them the good, the fun, the happy, and the positive, they will learn it and show it right back. Like a sponge.

Being a parent is scary, it's hard, it's time consuming and incredibly selfless. It's expensive, will test your patience and push your buttons. However, if it's who you want to be, full heartedly and with no regrets and zero resentment--then, it will 100% be the best time of your life and you will honestly feel so fulfilled that you will at one point stop and think out loud, "Where have you been all my life?"

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