Friday, January 23, 2015

What I Ate This Week...

My husbands own version of Spanakopita.
I don't cook. I never have. I may have dabbled in baking in my younger years thanks to my Home Ec class, but that's about it. 

My husband, however, he's a professional, five star, can cook you anything you want, chef. Early in our relationship, when he was trying hard to woo me, I'd come home from a long day at work to find him in the kitchen putting in the finishing touches to our five course meal! 

Thin, crispy, flaky crust & a perfect amount of
cheese and spinach

One day my husband will open up his very own restaurant, to share his love and talent for cooking with anyone and everyone who enters his space. For now, unfortunately, all you get are these food porn pictures! 

Pizza pocket made from scratch!

Vegetarian Carbonara

Lamb chops served with risotto.
Garnished with grilled onions and tomato. 

Melt in your mouth, Almond Croissant

Chocolate Croissant

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