Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Secret to Your Happy Universe

Is being whispered in your ear, by your soul and your spirit, every second of the day.

An early Instagram post with
positive words to start the day right. 
Thank you Buddha & Vanessa Hudgens.
A funny thing happened yesterday as I was on the verge of writing my blog for that day. A strange and funny thing, indeed. I received an email informing me about a job opening with a highly prestigious company. I get these kinds of emails all the time through a multitude of sources, but this email was different. This email struck a chord and I found myself in a desperate want as I envisioned my new life with this new career.  I immediately sat down and applied for it, feeling not only positive and hopeful, but also amazed. Isn't life amazing? Only a month ago I was a full time mom. Then I decided I was ready to start blogging again. One afternoon I approached a nice guy who looked very 'technologically advanced' at my local Starbucks and asked for his assistance with a problem I was having on my MacBook.  Turns out he was very knowledgeable with technology and actually wrote on the topic. I mentioned that I was also a writer and that's where he introduced me to a company who hires freelance writers. So I applied. And I began blogging. I put myself back out into the universe. I felt ready. My girls are getting bigger, they are almost fully efficient, and we are all ready to spread our wings! I'm so grateful that I was fully, every second of the day, present in their lives for those precious first few years. But, as they get older, it's important to me that they see me out there in the world as more than just there mom-although, being there mom is the greatest thing in the world! I just want them to learn all the right things from me. If I'm giving 100% of myself to living a full and happy life, then that's exactly how they will learn to also live.  So, yesterday instead of the time I had allotted for myself to blog, I applied for this prospective career, and I decided that I was going to start searching and applying for more amazing job opportunities like that one. No one who pursues life with a full heart is ever a failure. It's those who do nothing, that get nothing. That's the truth. As soon as I was mentally prepared for life outside of the mommy realm, things just magically started opening up for me. That's exciting! That's what living is all about. You give it your all, you get back what you put in. I'm looking forward to 2015. Every year is a blessing and every year is full of miracles in all shapes and sizes.

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