Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Bohemian Me

My life has never been normal. I've never been stable. I was born at the beginning of a revolution. I left my country at the age of 5 and have been moving around ever since. I'm so addicted to movement and motion that no day can ever be the same for me. I don't have routine. There are things that ground me and make me feel calm-like going to my local Starbucks and writing, or reading a good book on my cozy living room couch in the late hours of the night or the wee hours of the morning.

However, I have yet to live anywhere and feel completely at home. **With the one and only exception being our previous apartment with it's amazing million dollar view! That's the first time I cried over a move and I've moved almost as many times as my age! But even then I knew we weren't living there long term, our family was growing out of that apartment and the rent was going up every year!** 
What a view! I'd sit on the balcony,
enjoy my morning coffee and
mentally prepare for an amazing day!

Maybe stable is the wrong word, because I'm actually quite stable. I suppose I find it difficult to be consistent. Which can be hard when you're married with kids. Because in the midst of my internal chaos I have 2 little ones with set routines and schedules. In my case, having a job, someone to answer to, deadlines and quotas, may be a good thing. It can help align my own personal craziness with my kids hectic schedule. It can bring me closer to peace, normalcy and sanity. The busier I've been, the more I've accomplished, the happier I've felt. Quite possibly, I may live in 30 more houses that still won't truly feel like home.
I have no idea what the future holds, all I have is today, and today I'm spending quality time with family--because no matter where I am, when I'm with them--I'm home.

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