Thursday, January 15, 2015

Self Proclaimed TV Junkie

Once upon a time I got paid to watch
tv/movies and interview celebrities!
Here's my headshot to prove it!

I'd call myself a TV junkie. Thanks to my DVR, I can watch it all whenever I want AND fast forward those annoying commercials. How amazing is technology?! I know this concept isn't new, but it's fairly new, and being that I'm ridiculously technologically challenged (impaired, stupid--it all means the same thing), I think the DVR is the best thing EVER! Of course there is also the bluetooth in my car, any type of functioning coffee machine, and toilets...thank goodness for good plumbing!)

So, what does a thirty something wife and mother of 2 like to watch at nights when her angels are fast asleep? Well, there's Sons of Anarchy: nothing like a bad boy on a bike going on a killing spree on every episode BUT he loves his wife, his mom (well, for the most part), and his kids. The main character, Jax, is searching deep in his soul to better understand his life, the club and whether everything he has going on can co-exist. Well, we know it can't, but it's great entertainment watching Jax's world crumble and fall one episode at a time. Conflicted, good hearted, but he'll kill you if you cross him....what a man! It's a shame Charlie Hunnam (aka Jax) isn't playing the character of Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades movie!  Not that it stops me from watching the Fifty Shades movie...but, I would have enjoyed it THAT much more if Charlie/Jax (let's face it, it's Jax that we love because we really have no idea who Charlie is).

Then there's Shameless! Oh, how I LOVE watching this show. I was trying to break down the
characters and story of the show to my husband-who has never seen it--and we were both cracking up laughing. I never realized how ridiculously crazy the show was before. As my husband put it, "This is definitely not something you can watch with your mom or dad in the room." No, honey, definitely not! The cast is amazing, the show is brilliant and I promise if you watch, you will be hooked!

I'm also watching Celebrity Apprentice (who knew Geraldo and his ego were so weird and annoying).  I have Catfish and Celebrity Wife Swap on DVR...I've never been catfished but somebody did create a Facebook account using my pictures once! Which was super strange, and though I felt violated, I was also slightly flattered as well. Of course there's also Girls--written very smart and simple.  I do also appreciate what I call my Criminolody, Law & Society genre: Snapped, Dateline, LockUp, 20/20. A word to the wise: be cautious and weary, when and if, you are considering LIFE INSURANCE!!!

I don't know why I'm not too big on comedy shows-I've always related more with the underdog and the dark, tortured souls, I suppose! But, I find Black-ish very funny (though my husband begs to differ) and I'm willing to give Fresh off the Boat a fighting chance.

Also, Being Mary Jane Season 2 is just weeks away!! I just started recording Empire. And, I can't wait for the new season of Couples Therapy: I really like to look inward when watching the show to try and take something away from Dr. Jenn's counseling advice.  Hey, free therapy-God knows I need it!

Is there anything I'm missing out on? You know, most successful people you talk to or see on TV often claim that they don't watch TV. Which makes sense. They're too busy being successful and maintaining their success! All I have to say to that is, after a crazy and hectic day with my energetic kids, a day filled with remembering a handful of different things like: What time was basketball practice again? I have to do laundry so Darya's ballet outfit is clean for tomorrow. Lily's homework is due! I volunteered to take cupcake for Darya's event at school. Did I pay the water bill? Did I ever text/call [insert ANY name here] back?  Every day is filled with cleaning, grocery shopping, hour of homework, personal writing, and hitting the gym (thank goodness my girls love the daycare there)! I haven't even mentioned the process of putting them to sleep. And by them, I mostly mean Lily! Go the F**k to Sleep is my nightly routine with that child! So, by the time they're fast asleep, I'm mentally and physically exhausted! I don't want to do anything but watch a little bit of TV before passing out, right there on the couch...without even brushing my teeth!

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