Friday, January 16, 2015

A letter to myself. Written December 16.

So many changes in just one month! Happy to say this letter no longer applies. 

It's hard NOT to sleep in when I have
two warm, super cozy and comfy bodies
creeping into bed with me in the
wee hours of the morning!
I'm tired. Not the tired you feel from lack of sleep. I get plenty of sleep. I think that's part of the problem, really. I'm the fed up kind of tired. Fed up, tired and angry at myself for sleeping early and waking up late and not getting more than I should done in a day! I'm super angry because it's been building up inside me for a while. The cause and effect of my lack of planning is pissing me off. I guess it doesn't help that I have 2 kids under 5, but I seriously expect more from myself....I have always been an over achiever! Two kids can't shouldn't stop me! It should just add to the challenge. Well, as we approach 2015, I say, "Bring it on! Though it comes out very meek and I'm quite weary that I can pull it off..but recently I've been dropping my daughter off late to preschool, forgetting appointments, confusing times and dates for birthday parties! Not cool. Not fun. So not me. I might never get my daughter's baby scrapbook or my 'ten years in the making' novel finished, but I don't want to show up late to birthday parties or forget important appointments!

So, I guess my 2015 resolution is:
Sleep Less, Plan more, Set Goals, Meet Deadlines, 
Be Open to Failure and to Try, Try Again! 

January 16, one month later, and I have:

  • started a blog 
  • in the process of becoming a freelance writer
  • getting back into my gym routine
By February 16 I hope to be:
  • regularly writing, freelance and personal
  • active on youtube 
  • a certified gym instructor
Here's to a fulfilling year of DOING, BEING and (especially as mom) MOTIVATING! 

***I should mention that sleeping in for me means waking up at 8am on my own accord as opposed to having my alarm wake me at 5am so I can get a head start to my crazy day!*** 

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